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AB 2044

AB 2044 introduced by Assembly Member Caballero:

The Enterprise Zone Act provides for the designation of enterprise zones by the Department of Community Housing and Development, based on the department’s approval of applications from a city, county, or city and county with a geographic area meeting certain criteria.

Existing law provides that specified entities within a designated enterprise zone may receive regulatory, tax, and other incentives for private investment and employment.

This bill would state the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation to require the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency to evaluate and rank enterprise zones. The bill also state the intent of the Legislature that any cost savings that may subsequently result from any legislative action taken based on that evaluation and ranking be used to fund approved infrastructure projects not being funded by existing bonds.

This is a “spot” bill, or a bill simply stating some kind of intent without all of the details worked out. Boy is this one vague. It sounds like there is some anticipation that if the Enterprise Zones are “ranked” some will be ranked low. The bill goes on to talk about “cost savings” generated as a result of the ranking, but since there is no way to generate new revenues simply by the act of ranking, it must be contemplating doing something like canceling zones based on this unspecified ranking system.

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