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About The California Enterprise Zone:

The California Government Code (The Enterprise Zone Act) defines the purpose of the program as follows:

Section 7071. The Legislature finds and declares as follows:
(a) The health, safety, and welfare of the people of California depend upon the development, stability, and expansion of private business, industry, and commerce, and there are certain areas within the state that are economically depressed due to a lack of investment in the private sector. Therefore, it is declared to be the purpose of this chapter to stimulate business and industrial growth in the depressed areas of the state by relaxing regulatory controls that impede private investment.
(b) It is in the economic interest of the state to have one strong, combined, and business-friendly incentive program to help attract business and industry to the state, to help retain and expand existing state business and industry, and to create increased job opportunities for all Californians.


This Blog was created by Max Shenker during a period of unprecedented confusion and uncertainty facing the Enterprise Zone program in March 2006. It has become a convenient and authoritative compilation of news and information for the program.

About the Author:

Max Shenker has been working with businesses to realize the benefit of the California Enterprise Zone since 2001. He is currently the Vice President of Client Services of The Tax Credit Company. Max serves as an advisory member on the board of directors of the California Association of Enterprise Zones (CAEZ)., currently serves as the Co-Chair of CAEZ’s Legislative Affairs Committee, and in 2008 received CAEZ’s Advocate of the Year Award for his work on this blog.  Send comments to

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