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All Federal Empowerment Zones and Renewal Communities Expire Today

While there are several bills in Congress to extend the program, as of yet none have been passed. The most common approach seems to be a one year extension of the program which is reminiscent of how WOTC extensions have been handled in the past.

The “Tax Extenders Act of 2009″, H.R. 4213 passed the House on 12/9/2009 and has yet to be considered by the Senate. The bill would update the expiration date of the programs to 12/31/2010.

Another bill, H.R. 1677 the “Empowerment Zone, Renewal Community and Enterprise Community Enhancement Act of 2009″ seeks a longer extension to 2015 and also allows for the expansion of the geography of the zones. There is also a Senate bill of the same name, S. 1222.

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