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Assemblyman V. Manuel Pérez Makes Enterprise Zones Part of His Reelection Bid

The Desert Sun asked Assemblyman V. Manuel Pérez and his Republican challenger Corky Reynaga-Emett five questions each for a sort of printed debate. Each candidate was allowed 75 words per answer which can be found here.

On the question, “Unemployment in Riverside County rests at 13 percent. And the desert’s retail vacancy rate hit 18.2 percent this summer. What would you do in Sacramento to improve employment opportunities in the Coachella Valley and lure businesses to California’s desert?” Assemblyman Pérez answered:

My belief is that all economic development solutions have to come from local communities. Therefore I see my role in Sacramento as supporting efforts at the ground level to make the economy stronger:

1. Improve and maintain favorable tax incentives/structures such as the Enterprise Zone program.
2. Making the most of the President’s Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) in California.
3. Workforce Development.
4. Regulatory Reform so California a more business friendly place.
5. Infrastructure Development.

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