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At Least 204 Companies Left or Reduced Operations in California in 2010

Joseph Vranich at the Business Relocation Coach blog continues to provide a valuable resource tracking when California businesses leave the State or significantly shift new investments outside of California. There is no official way to track when these events occur, so Vranich, a business location consultant, does the research to aggregate as many of these cases as he can find.

Yesterday he posted an article listing 204 events that he was able to identify in 2010. This is as compared to 51 events in 2009. On his site, he documents each event; just one example:

Frama-Tech Inc. moved its HQ from Los Angeles to Navarre, Florida, located in the state’s Panhandle. According to the Northwest Florida Daily News, “Frama-Tech is a wholesale and distribution company for specialty construction materials such as veneer sheets, edgebanding and hot melts. The company only has about 16 employees, but has distribution facilities and call centers in Los Angeles and Fort Worth, Texas. . . . ‘We’re not a large company, but they rolled out the red carpet on us and spent a couple of hours with us in that initial meeting and essentially laid out the case that the Panhandle of Florida generally and Santa Rosa County more specifically was a great place to locate a business. I can’t tell you after living in the Los Angeles area and running a business there for the last 11 years what a change that was from the way we were treated by government and pseudo-government groups in that area, where you basically try to avoid them because all they want to do is tax you or penalize you,’ Hamer added. ‘It really left an impression.’” See the Jan. 3, 2010 story, “Santa Rosa trying to offer companies a better deal.”

Assemblyman Brian Jones from San Diego also referred to Vranich’s blog in this Op-Ed today.

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