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Beware of Drooling

From The Arizona Republic, “Gore to Expand to Phoenix:”

Walt Plosila, a Battelle Technology Partnership Practice vice president who monitors Arizona’s bioscience effort, said Gore’s expansion could help Arizona attract other medical-device employers. The Valley’s largest such employer is Medtronic in Tempe.”It is good news they are expanding in Phoenix and not somewhere else in the country,” Plosila said. “It suggests they find Arizona a conducive place to grow and develop a medical-device company.”

Plosila expects Arizona and other states will attempt to recruit such companies from California, where high taxes, housing and other costs have made it difficult for employers to recruit out-of-state workers.

The one hot prospect everybody is drooling over is how to go after the California medical-device business,” Plosila said. “Those firms are getting more and more frustrated with the cost of doing business.”

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