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Businesses Beginning to Speak Out on Enterprise Zone Proposal

A coalition to save enterprise zones received the following letter from a business operating in the Fresno Enterprise Zone, indicating that businesses are paying close attention to what happens in the budget:

“We invested in our business here because of the tax structure offered by the Enterprise Zone program. Eliminating Enterprise Zones now, as proposed in the current budget plan, would literally pull the rug out from under us, effectively raising our taxes, which we can’t afford.

“Our business would not be possible without the tax credits provided by the Enterprise Zone. If the program is repealed we will have to lay off workers, putting more people on the unemployment line, and may have to close down altogether.

“We understand that the state has tough budget decisions to make, but it makes no sense to kill one of the few programs that create jobs and helps California’s small businesses compete with out-of-state companies.”

Todd Rayburn
Fresno Oxygen/Barnes Welding Supply

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