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CAEZ Letter Writing Campaign

CAEZ is launching a letter writing campaign in support of the Enterprise Zone program. From the website:

DATED: Wednesday, February 3, 2010

URGENT! State Legislators are discussing possible cuts to or total elimination of the Enterprise Zone Program. Time is critical, decisions will be made within the next few weeks.

CALL TO ACTION – Write Letters to Assembly Member Manuel Perez. As you know, Asm. Manuel Perez held special Enterprise Zone hearings last year and also was a keynote speaker at the CAEZ Training Conference in November. His office is assisting us with coordinating the Save the Enterprise Zone Program campaign. Please forward this information to your local elected officials, your lobbyist and your EZ Businesses. It is especially important that Sacramento hears from businesses of every size. Please ask them to write letters. Because a quick response is needed, we have drafted a sample letter to make it as easy as possible. Click here for the sample letter.

Please send copies of your letters to
Any questions, please call: (530) 830-CAEZ (2239) or email:

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