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CAEZ Newsletter July 2010

Here is the new CAEZ Newsletter for July 2010.

This edition features a Q&A with Larry Kosmont, President and CEO of the Kosmont Companies, and author of the Kosmont-Rose Institute Cost of Doing Business Survey, which is recognized as the industry standard for comparing city taxes and economic incentives.

Q. CAEZ: In today’s Economy, how important are incentives, such as those offered by the California Enterprise Zone, to businesses deciding to move, invest in real estate, etc.?

A. Larry Kosmont: Particularly in the economic climate we are in today, incentives are vital to the decision making process for companies in California. In spite of the need for companies to invest in hiring, capital expenditures, and other factors which will compound their long term growth, many companies are delaying and/or minimizing expenditures – thus impeding economic growth. Often, we are seeing businesses make investments when they are able to take advantage of economic incentives such as Enterprise Zone tax credits. We have seen firsthand how Enterprise Zone tax credits have influenced businesses to move into the communities that need economic growth the most.

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