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CalChamber “Renew California” Jobs Agenda Includes Enterprise Zones

According to their press release:

The California Chamber of Commerce today released an updated version of its “Renew California” economic recovery plan, reminding legislators to refocus efforts on job creation in the final weeks of this year’s session.

“There are solutions that will make California more competitive,” said California Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Allan Zaremberg. “First, we must do no more harm to this economy. No more job killing legislation or bills that place California companies at a competitive disadvantage should be introduced or passed into law. Second, immediate action should be taken on proposals that will help improve our job creation prospects by creating certainty for those who will invest in our economy. Lawmakers must focus entirely on eliminating the perception—and reality—that California has a bad business climate. The timing and strength of an economic rebound will depend upon making California more competitive for job creation, new business formation and investment.”

One of the items on their list of policies is:

Defend and strengthen these important economic and community development incentives. In 2010 and again during this year’s budget debate, the Legislature and the voters rejected proposals to limit enterprise zone incentives.

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