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This morning, following some friendly press regarding statements made in CBP’s “Who’s Paying Taxes?” report that I commented on yesterday, the CBP website is reporting the “breaking news” that “California’s Enterprise Zones miss the mark.” The news, of course, is contained in a new report released today authored by the CBP themselves. The report’s release was carefully timed to coincide with articles recently published quoting the aforementioned “Who’s Paying Taxes” report as well as the Assembly legislative hearing underway at this hour. I know that it was timed carefully because I downloaded a version of the report provided by the Central Valley Business Times that states on its cover, “Embargoed until 12:01 a.m. April 18.” This instruction does not appear on the version available on the CBP site.

This report is being reported in the following newspapers:

  1. Central Valley Business Journal
  2. San Francisco Chronicle (along with an accompanying editorial)
  3. Jessica Guynn of the Contra Costa Times
  4. The San Jose Murcury News
  5. The Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal
  6. San Diego Union-Tribune
  7. Long Beach Press Telegram

Update: CBP gets some additional boosterism from an editorial in the Fresno Bee.

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