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New Assemblyman Advocates Strengthening Enterprise Zones

As reported in Vaughn Hromiko’s WOTC Planet blog, the newly elected Assemblyman of the 28th District representing the Salinas Valley, Luis Alejo, recently defended the Enterprise Zone Program. Writing for the Salinas Californian, he said: Preserving our state Enterprise Zone program is one such effort as it has come under attack under tough budgetary times […]

LA Times: Brown Budget Will Target Enterprise Zones

According to the Los Angeles Times, Enterprise Zones will be a target of incoming Governor Brown’s budget proposal: The blueprint Brown will unveil when he takes office early next month also is expected to take aim at several tax breaks and subsidies that have been fiercely guarded by the business lobby in Sacramento, according to […]

League of California Cities Advocating for Enterprise Zones

The League of California Cities is encouraging local officials to begin dialogs with their legislators about the importance of Enterprise Zones.

LAO Criticizes Enterprise Zones at Budget Briefing

Governor elect Jerry Brown held a two-hour meeting today in Sacramento to discuss the State’s budget with lawmakers and policymakers. Video of the entire event can be seen here. Toward the end of the meeting, Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield asked Mac Taylor of the Legislative Analyst’s Office about how tax expenditures could be part of the […]

100 Days: Budget Deal Passed

Here are the stories: The Sacramento Bee Los Angeles Times San Francisco Chronicle Wall Street Journal

AB 1616: Budget Bill Increases EZ Voucher Fee

A series of trailer bills will need to be voted on in order to facilitate the finalization of the budget compromise. There is one bill that will effect the Enterprise Zone program directly, AB 1616 which will increase the fee paid to HCD for each voucher application from $10 to $15.

Budget Deal Details Released

Here is the summary of the deal reached by the “Big 5″ to solve the budget. The Budget Conference Committee will hold a hearing this afternoon to review the proposals. Here are revenue raising proposals: The negotiated budget includes $2.5 billion in revenue solutions. More that half of this, $1.4 billion, is from the Legislative […]

The Governor’s Budget Ultimatum

The Governor has published an Op-Ed in today’s Wall Street Journal stating that he will not sign a budget until meaningful reforms are made to public employee pensions: Recently some critics have accused me of bullying state employees. Headlines in California papers this month have been screaming “Gov assails state workers” and “Schwarzenegger threatens state […]

Gov Defends Tax Incentives on YouTube

The Governor released the following YouTube message last Friday addressing the current budget situation. There are plenty of interesting elements, including a defense of tax incentives. A few of the comments: I believe in lower taxes, in small government and in helping our employers and entrepreneurs create jobs and grow revenue. The other side believes […]

California #1 in Tax Increases

The National Conference of State Legislatures has released a new report showing that of the States that imposed tax increases last year, California’s were the most, and that last year’s tax increases were the largest in California’s history. From the Sacramento Bee: California wasn’t alone when it boosted state taxes last year to cope with […]

Report: “21% of California Small Businesses on the Brink”

As reported in A report released last week showed that 21 percent of California small businesses believe they will fold in the next three years. The annual survey, conducted by advocacy group Small Business California, revealed low confidence in the state’s business and political climate among business owners. “That 21-percent figure is particularly shocking,” […] “State budget crunch endangers local enterprise zones”

From By Eilene Zimmerman Grappling with a $20 billion deficit isn’t easy. The California Legislature has put just about everything on the chopping block, including Medi-Cal, college and university funding, public education and prisons. So it’s not a huge surprise that the latest suggestion from the California Legislative Analyst’s Office is to cut the […]

100 Cases of Businesses Leaving California

A colleague brought to my attention “The Business Relocation Coach” blog which claims as its mission, “to help businesses relocate and expand facilities in highly beneficial ways. This blog is maintained by JV Executive Consulting, inc., which helps design the smoothest relocation to the most desirable location that meets business goals. An experienced team serves […]

Labor Groups Behind Attacks on Enterprise Zones

Here is a letter (click here to see the scan) which has been floating around the Capitol for the last number of weeks from the California Labor Federation. The letter calls on Legislators to vote “no” on any of the Governor’s job creation legislation, and uses the opportunity to make a special attack of the […]

New Hearing on Enterprise Zones in State Senate

The Senate Daily File includes an “Informational Hearing” on the Enterprise Zone program on February 24. The hearing is being held by Rev. & Tax. Committee Chair, Senator Wolk and will be in room 3191 at 1:30 pm.

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