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The New York Times on Film Tax Credits

Here is a New York Times video examining the role tax credits and incentives influence the film business. (Hint: the NYT doesn’t seem to like incentives): The video accompanies a story, part of a series the Times is running on tax incentives.

Dan Walters Muses on Democrat Support for Film Tax Credits

Here is Dan Walters’ daily video theorizing on why Democrat legislators are so enthusiastic to extend the Film tax credit.

Dan Walters on AB 484

Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Walters uses the failure of AB 484 as another opportunity to attack the Enterprise Zone program: One of the Capitol’s hoarier public dialogues is Republicans complaining about Democrats’ excessive spending and Democrats bemoaning Republicans’ refusal to close unjustified corporate tax loopholes. Both sides have a point. Democrats do have a difficult […]

Sacramento Bee Goes After Enterprise Zones

Having followed the budget process closely this year, one of the Capitol reporters I came to rely on was the Sacramento Bee’s Kevin Yamamura. So when Kevin called me last week to discuss recent developments regarding the Enterprise Zone program, I was happy to speak with him for a while. Just in time for the […]

LAEDC Economist Finds Flaws in PPIC EZ Study

The Santa Clarita Signal is reporting that an LAEDC economist has found flaws in the methodology used by the PPIC in its report critical of Enterprise Zones: The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. announced Thursday the methodology used to determine the effectiveness of California’s enterprise zones is flawed. The Public Policy Institute of California […]

Los Angeles Times: “Some affluent areas qualify for tax breaks intended to benefit the poor”

Reporter Jack Dolan wrote a story for Sunday’s Los Angeles Times highlighting perceived problems with the use of Targeted Employment Areas in the Enterprise Zone program. Dolan is the same reporter who broke the story on the use of State issued ATM cards for welfare recipients at casinos. While the article on Enterprise Zones raises […]

CAEZ Editorial

CAEZ President and Long Beach Enterprise Zone manager Craig Johnson had the following editorial printed in the Long Beach Press-Telegram: Lately many business writers have taken to beating up on the state of California. Chief Executive Officer magazine recently ranked California as the worst state to do business in. Traveling around the state to business […]

Dan Walters Bashes EZs Again

Dan Walters has published yet another commentary critical of the Enterprise Zone program. Walters wrote very similar columns on Nov. 9, 2009 and Jan. 12, 2010. CAEZ president Craig Johnson and I met with Walters in his office at the Bee a few months ago to discuss his columns and provide an alternate perspective. He […]

L.A. Times Blasts Enterprise Zones

Los Angeles Times columnist Michael Hiltzik blasts the Enterprise Zone Program as “corporate welfare” in his column published June 18.

On the Other Hand

Some people think that the Enterprise Zone program doesn’t do a good enough job of demonstrating that employers made a definite, proactive decision to hire an employee that will provide them with a tax credit. The federal WOTC program attempts to do that more, but there is a flip side to the issue, as reported […]

Dan Walters: Same Old Stuff

The headline given to Dan Walter’s column in yesterday’s Sacramento Bee was “Schwarzenegger’s job programs same old stuff.” In the piece Walters suggests: Even when there are evaluations that question the efficacy of “job creation” subsidies, those who benefit from them resist any effort to erase them. A case in point are the several dozen […]

Business Backs Enterprise Zones

Dan Dufresne, director of government relations for Epsilon Systems Solutions Inc., published the following Op-Ed in the San Diego Union-Tribune yesterday: The state’s nonpartisan Legislative Analysts’ Office (LAO) just released some staggering figures: our state must address a deficit of $20.7 billion between now and the time the Legislature enacts a 2010?11 budget. What is […]

More Response to Dan Walters

Deidre F. Kelsey, chairwoman of the Merced County Board of Supervisors, published a response to Dan Walters’ column in today’s Merced Sun-Star: Contrary to Dan Walters’ column (“It’s time for a hard look at California tax dodges,” Nov. 9) enterprise zones create jobs. Proof is in the numbers: Since the designation of the Merced County […]

CAEZ Responds

The Sacramento Bee has printed a rebuttal to Dan Walters’ last column by CAEZ President, Craig Johnson: Dan Walters’ Nov. 9 column, “It’s high time for hard look at tax dodges,” questions the effectiveness of “enterprise zones,” yet evidence to the contrary points to the continued success of the program. Business owners large and small […]

Dr. Swenson Responds

On Monday the Sacramento Bee’s Dan Walters published another attack on the Enterprise Zone program touting the PPIC’s critical study and dismissing a University of Southern California study charging that it had been “quickly re-released,” and that Dr. Charles Swenson’s “affiliation with a company, National Tax Credit Group, that advises firms on how to obtain […]

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