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San Bernardino Mayor: “Enterprise Zone program is succeeding”

From the San Bernardino Sun: It is no secret this is one of the most challenging budget years for California. It is understandable that a thorough review of the state’s expenditures is taking place. One such expenditure under review – the California Enterprise Zone Program – is directly tied to the success of many of […]

Can Fixing the NID Save Homes?

The first speaker of the fourth panel from the 10/19/09 JEDE hearing was Professor Samuel Bornstein, Professor, Kean University, School of Business, Union, NJ. While most of the discussion surrounding the Enterprise Zone program has always focused on the hiring credit, Professor Bornstein has a focus on the NID component of the program. He has […]

JEDE Committee Hearing 10/19/2009 – Part 4

Part four of the hearing included the following speakers: IV. Business Activity within G-TEDAs: Focus on Small Business Development • Samuel D. Bornstein, Professor, Kean University School of Business, Union NJ • Daniel Fitzgerald, Executive Director, Calexico-County Enterprise Zone • Matthew Gordon, Owner, Aztec Appliance • Carlton Hargrave, Owner, Hargrave Restaurant Group, Hometown Buffet, and […]

JEDE Committee Hearing 10/19/2009 – Part 3

The following video segment covers part III of the agenda, however part of the panel was not recorded.  This clip begins in the middle of some comments by Senator Denise Ducheny and then continues the third and fourth presenters.  The agenda listed for this panel: III. Measuring Success • Lydia Moreno, Business Incentives Program Manager, […]

JEDE Committee Hearing 10/19/2009 – Part 2

The following two video segments cover the first panel from the 10/19/2009 hearing in San Diego.  Here is the link to the final agenda, and the first panel of presenters were: • Brian McMahon, Executive Director, Employment Training Panel • Murtaza Baxamusa, Research Director, Center on Policy Initiatives • Carrie Portis, Executive Director, San Francisco […]

Video From the 10/19/2009 JEDE Hearing

We have had some technical difficulties getting the video from the 10/19/09 JEDE hearing in San Diego, but the initial bit is in.  This first clip includes all of the introductory remarks before the first panel of presenters.  It includes remarks by the Chairman, Manuel Perez; Jennifer Vanica, President of the Jacobs Foundation; Assemblymember Marty […]

Assemblyman Perez Holds EZ Rountable in Calexico

The office of Assemblyman V. Manuel Perez just released the following press release: (CALEXICO) – Today, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy, V. Manuel Pérez (D-Coachella) held a roundtable meeting to discuss proposed changes to the California Enterprise Zone Program and other Geographically-Targeted Economic Development Area (G-TEDA) programs. Roughly […]

(Another) Updated Agenda for JEDE Oct. 19th Hearing

Here is another updated agenda for Monday’s hearing in San Diego.

Updated Agenda for JEDE Oct. 19th Hearing

Here is an updated draft agenda for Monday’s hearing in San Diego.

JEDE Committee Hearing 10/8/2009 – Part 3

Here is some more of the resource material presented at the hearing: 1. The white paper prepared by Toni Symonds, chief consultant for the JEDE Committee, and updated for the hearing. (77 page PDF) 2. The white paper prepared by Blake Christian, CPA of Holthouse, Carlin & Van Trigt covering important topics such as the […]

JEDE Committee Hearing 10/8/2009 – Part 2

Here is the final version of the agenda from last week’s hearing with the actual list of speakers.  This hearing predominantly featured the perspectives of businesses that utilize the program and the local governments who administer it. It was notable that AB 1139 author Assemblyman John Perez was present for most of the meeting and […]

JEDE Hearing 10/19/2009 Updated Agenda

Here is the updated agenda for the next hearing to be held in San Diego on the 19th.

JEDE Committee Hearing 10/8/2009 – Part 1

Yesterday was the second of three hearings being held by the Assembly Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy Committee.  Unfortunately, there was no recording of the meeting, so I will have to try to use some of my notes to reconstruct the event. For starters, here is a video news report from San Francisco ABC […]

Updated Agenda for JEDE Oct. 8th Hearing

Here is the latest version of the draft agenda for the next JEDE Committee hearing on October 8th.  Now we have a schedule and a location:  From 10:30 am to 2:00 pm at the Roosevelt Community Center, 901 East Santa Clara Street, San Jose, CA 95116. Thank you for the feedback on my poll, based […]

Table of Proposed Enterprise Zone Changes

The following document is a table of all proposed changes thus far to the Enterprise Zone program being considered in the JEDE Committee hearings. The next hearing is currently scheduled for October 8th in San Jose. JEDE Committee Summary List of Reform Issues (DRAFT) – Find all related blog posts on the JEDE hearings here.

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