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L.A. Times Op-Ed: “California — toxic for business”

The Los Angeles Times has an important Op-Ed that summarizes a host of studies, polls and articles on California’s business climate. There are those who will argue that, anecdotes aside, there is no empirical evidence that shows that businesses are systematically fleeing California. It is important to consider, however, that even if that fact is […]

Devastating Story of California “Bleeding” Green Jobs

The Sacramento ABC affiliate, News 10, has released a scathing item featuring Assemblyman Dan Logue on the difficulty of doing business in California. The story focuses on the failure of “green” jobs to materialize and even how the state has driven green companies away. During the entire five-minute report, a list of businesses leaving California […]

Manufacturer Leaves San Diego For Mexico

Apparently as a result of high costs and legislative uncertainty, a manufacturer of solar panels has left the San Diego Enterprise Zone to Tijuana. As reported in the San Diego Union-Tribune: A Spanish firm which once employed 130 people assembling solar panels in Otay Mesa has moved manufacturing to Tijuana. Siliken Solar’s move to Tijuana […]

“I just can’t imagine any corporation in their right mind would decide to set up in California today”

A story in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin tells the story of a business that is trying to escape California: CHINO – A high-tech company that originated in this city expects to employ hundreds of people in a bid to create a new kind of energy. Unfortunately, Bing Energy has opted to do business in […]

Governors: “Raid California for its Jobs and Businesses”

Levelland, TX is one of many locals actively recruiting California businesses to relocate their jobs. An article on their Economic Development Corp. website says: Levelland also offers opportunities to California businesses considering relocation or expansion by helping reduce the normal stress related with such capital intensive projects. Our exceptional economic environment, warm weather, famous hospitality […]

Wisconsin Enterprise Zone Lures California Green Tech Company

The Milwaukee BizTimes reports on how Wisconsin is using its Enterprise Zone benefits to lure a California based green tech company to its state: Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle today announced that W Solar Group Inc. will receive up to $28 million in Enterprise Zone tax credits from the Department of Commerce) to establish a manufacturing […]

More Businesses Leave California

The Business Location Coach reports on three new corporate headquarters leaving California and that his tally so far for 2010 is already double what happened in 2009: In the last two days California has lost three company headquarters – Globalstar, Inc. will depart Milpitas for Louisiana, eEye of Irvine will move to Arizona, and TriZetto […]

NUMMI Epilogue

Here is a selection of links about the closure of the last automobile manufacturer in California. Efforts to make Fremont an Enterprise Zone were not enough to save the plant. San Francisco Chronicle: “Nummi’s last words — and pictures from the inside” USA Today: “Final car rolls off line at landmark Calif. plant” NPR: “End […]

100 Cases of Businesses Leaving California

A colleague brought to my attention “The Business Relocation Coach” blog which claims as its mission, “to help businesses relocate and expand facilities in highly beneficial ways. This blog is maintained by JV Executive Consulting, inc., which helps design the smoothest relocation to the most desirable location that meets business goals. An experienced team serves […]

Northrop Grumman Corp. Leaving Los Angeles

From The Wall Street Journal: Northrop Grumman Corp. said Monday it plans to move its headquarters to the Washington, D.C., area from Los Angeles, marking the departure of the last major aerospace firm from the industry’s birthplace in Southern California. The shift will put Northrop’s top executives near its biggest U.S. military and intelligence customers […]

The Enterprise Zones Need Water

This past Friday, radio host Hugh Hewitt did his broadcast from Fresno and spent his entire show highlighting the man-made water crisis in the Central Valley.  Some parts of the Valley have unemployment rates of 40%.  Of course, the Central Valley is home to 11 of California’s 42 Enterprise Zones.  Since the federal government shut […]

Toyota Board Votes to Close NUMMI

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Toyota has made a decision to close NUMMI: Toyota Motor Corp. plans to end production in March 2010 at a California joint venture where it has built vehicles with General Motors, the company said Thursday. The decision would mean the shutdown of the sole auto assembly plant on […]

Will They Buy It?

I like the ad, but will they buy it? Here’s the back story from Capitol Alert. And here’s one of Nevada’s ads for comparison:

Rally For NUMMI

Senator Corbet’s bill SB 483 has been amended to simply direct HCD to create a new Enterprise Zone, in addition to the existing 42, if the City of Fremont applies. The San Francisco Chronicle reports on a rally held with the intention of keeping the plant open: Several hundred auto workers rallied near New United […]

NUMMI and Bayer Updates

Things are not looking too good for NUMMI at the moment.  Efforts are continuing to create a new Enterprise Zone as part of a package to save the plant.  The Lt. Governor was quoted as saying: Lt. Gov. John Garamendi said today that, “The fight to keep the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. plant in […]

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