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Illinois Governor Suspends Business Incentive Tax Credits

In a press release on June 2, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner announced the suspension of “all future incentive offers for business attraction and retention.” The move is part of the Governor’s attempt to deal with a multi-billion dollar budget deficit. Effective Immediately: Immediate suspension of all future incentive offers to companies for business attraction and […]

California Senate Report on Tax Expenditure Programs

This will become a developing story. The Sacramento Bee is reporting on the release today of a new report commissioned by Senator Steinberg on the increasing costs of tax expenditure programs such as the research and development tax credit. The full report is available here.

CalChamber “Renew California” Jobs Agenda Includes Enterprise Zones

According to their press release: The California Chamber of Commerce today released an updated version of its “Renew California” economic recovery plan, reminding legislators to refocus efforts on job creation in the final weeks of this year’s session. “There are solutions that will make California more competitive,” said California Chamber of Commerce President and CEO […]

Editorial: Uncertainty About Enterprise Zones Hurts Growth

Fred Fruehan, a businessman in San Bernardino published the following editorial in the San Bernardino Sun: For administrators and advocates of the enterprise zone program, each year feels like another round on one of the nation’s top reality competition TV shows. Stakes are high, competition is fierce and elimination is always on the line. Although […]

Jerry Brown: A Modern-Day Sisyphus

The following essay is by eminent historian and Central Valley farmer Victor Davis Hanson via California Gov. Jerry Brown must rapidly close a $25 billion budgetary shortfall. But right now it seems almost a hopeless task since the state’s disastrous budget is a symptom, not the cause, of California’s much larger nightmare. Take unemployment. […]

President Obama Concerned Government Regulations Hurt Business

While California continues to propose policies that are increasingly unfriendly to business, the rhetoric from Washington tends to go in the other direction. As CNBC reports: President Barack Obama Tuesday ordered a government-wide review of regulations with the goal of eliminating those that hurt job creation and make the U.S. economy less competitive. Obama took […]

How Work Source Centers Can Improve the Enterprise Zone

Bruce Dobb writes a blog called “Government money for Small Biz,” where he has taken an interest in the Enterprise Zone program. In his latest post he examines how small businesses can take advantage of the EZ credits by partnering with Work Source centers. Dobb makes a good point that we could be doing more […]

Los Angeles Times: “California exhausts film tax credit funds for the year”

From the Los Angeles Times: Augusttax As New York celebrates the long-awaited renewal and expansion of its film tax credit program, California confronts a sobering reality: Its film tax credit money for the current year has run dry. The California Film Commission has allocated all of the $100 million in tax credits available this year […]

The LeBron James Enterprise Zone

There is a great deal of speculation that tax policy helped fuel LeBron James’ decision to move to Miami. The same was true of Tiger Woods a number of years back. It’s apparently too late now, but I saw one proposal mentioned in a few places that Ohio should declare LeBron James to be an […]

Gov Cites Enterprise Zones in Statement on New Employment Figures

The Governor’s office released the following press release in response to new employment figures from EDD: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today issued the following statement after the California Employment Development Department released employment numbers for the month of May: “While the decline of our unemployment rate is welcome news, there are still far too many Californians […]

Gov Keeps Talking About Enterprise Zones

After appearing with Mayor Villaraigosa in Los Angeles Yesterday, the Governor spoke at the Summit on the Advanced Transportation Industry and repeated his admiration for the expansion of the East L.A. EZ. The video and transcript are available on the Governor’s website here. There were some very interesting comments about the Enterprise Zone program made […]

Transcript of Steve Poizner Comments on EZ Program

From the audio available here: Lou Desmond: Are you familiar with the program called the Enterprise Zone Program in California? Steve Poisner: Yes. LD: Ok, where do you stand on that program and do you want me to, well let me tell the audience a little bit about it; The Enterprise Zone Program is a […]

Steve Poizner on the Enterprise Zone Program

Candidate Steve Poizner was interviewed on the Inland Empire News Hour yesterday (May 20), and host Lou Desmond asked him for his opinion of the Enterprise Zone program. Here is the clip of those comments: The entire interview can be heard here. Meg Whitman appeared on the same program on two occasions and was also […]


Today, the Governor signed an executive order to create the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GoED). From the press release: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today signed an executive order establishing the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GoED), a one-stop shop to help businesses acquire the direction, information and resources they need to invest, succeed and expand […]

WSJ: “America’s most privileged class are public union workers.”

Consider this article in the Wall Street Journal when contemplating why the public employee labor unions are so particularly opposed to the Enterprise Zone program. We have shown before how the private sector labor unions tend to be supportive of the program. “The Government Pay Boom” America’s most privileged class are public union workers. It […]

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