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West Sacramento Receives Final Designation

Here is a press release from the City of West Sacramento: CONTACTS: Ernesto Lucero, City of West Sacramento 916-617-4539 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CITY OF WEST SACRAMENTO RECEIVES ENTERPRISE ZONE DESIGNATION West Sacramento, Calif., March 2, 2010 – The City of West Sacramento today announced that it has received final designation as an Enterprise Zone by […]

KION TV Report on Salinas Valley EZ

Here’s the video:

Salinas Valley Enterprise Zone Receives Final Designation

According to The Californian, Salinas Valley was granted their final designation on January 30th.  That would make it the first of the 2008 round of applicants to be granted final designation.

Farewell Oakland EZ, Welcome to the New Oakland EZ

The Oakland Enterprise Zone expires tomorrow, Sept. 27, 2008 after 15 years of operation.  Sunday the 28th marks the first day of the new conditionally designated Oakland EZ’s existence. Oakland is the last of the eight zones to expire in 2008.  Four zones will expire in 2009: Los Angeles – Harbor Area Madera Sacramento – […]

San Joaquin EZ Progress

The impact of SB 341 can be seen as zones that received conditional designations in 2008 are speeding past those designated in 2006 toward final designation. For example, this story in the Stockton Record: San Joaquin County is putting the finishing touches on its 638-square-mile enterprise zone, which offers manufacturers and employers attractive tax incentives […]

Three Enterprise Zones Expire Today

The Stockton, Shasta Valley, and Kings County Enterprise Zones all expire today, June 21, 2008 after 15 years of operation.  Tomorrow marks the first day of the conditional designation of the new San Joaquin County, Siskiyou County, and Kings County zones.

Farewell Santa Ana EZ, Welcome to the New Santa Ana EZ

The Santa Ana Enterprise Zone expires today, June 7, 2008 after 15 years of operation.  Tomorrow marks the first day of the new conditionally designated Santa Ana EZ’s existence.

FTB Promotes New Zones

In its March 2008 “Tax News,” FTB is extolling the virtues of Enterprise Zones in an article called “Possible boost to California’s economy“: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently announced the conditional designation for eight Enterprise Zones statewide. The zones are East Los Angeles, Kings County, Oakland, Salinas Valley, San Joaquin County, Santa Ana, Siskiyou County, and […]

How Will The Losers Take It?

The first article I could find expressing the reaction of one of the five losing EZ applications comes from the Desert Sun: The western Coachella Valley on Thursday lost a statewide competition for tax breaks to boost economic development in Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral City and unincorporated areas. The region was not among the eight […]

8 New Zones: Reaction

The Sacramento Bee: “W. Sac designated as state Enterprise Zone” The Sacramento Business Journal: “Governor tabs West Sac as one of eight enterprise zones” The Monterey County Herald: “Your Town: Salinas Valley pegged for state economic program” The Lodi News-Sentinel: “Will a state zone marker boost Lodi’s job growth?” The Salinas Californian: “Valley given a […]


From the Governor’s office: Gov. Schwarzenegger Announces Eight New Enterprise Zones to Boost California’s Economy Helping to grow jobs and improve California’s business climate, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today announced the conditional designation for eight Enterprise Zones statewide. The zones are Siskiyou County, San Joaquin County, East Los Angeles, Salinas Valley, Kings County, Oakland, West Sacramento […]

The 2008 Race for 8: Still Waiting

We were originally promised the results of the new Enterprise Zone selections on Jan. 2.  Then we were told it would be the week of Jan. 14th.  Well, as one government source put it, “this is the government.”  Another government source told me, “We are close.”

Enterprise Zones and the ‘Fiscal Emergency’

As reported in the Sacramento Bee, Governor Schwarzenegger declared a “fiscal emergency” today and proposed across the board budget cuts throughout the entire State government. According to Chris Micheli of Aprea & Michel, a source in the Governor’s Office confirmed that the proposed budget includes a $59,000 reduction to the Enterprise Zone program’s budget.  However, […]

Update: The 2008 Race for 8

The original HCD deadline (Jan. 2 according to page 44 of the Application Guidebook) for releasing the results of the eight winning Enterprise Zone applications has come and gone.  I reported earlier that the Department had announced this date would be delayed in order to give the Governor’s Office time to review the results. In […]

New Zone Selections Delayed

According to an email sent to the new zone applicants, the final scoring  announcements will be delayed until approximately the week of January 14, 2008 instead of Jan. 2 as per the original schedule.  While HCD still intends to complete its scoring process by the beginning of January, the extra time is needed to give […]

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