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Hesperia Enterprise Zone Effective April 1

The new Hesperia Enterprise Zone officially began yesterday, April 1, 2010. Hesperia is the first of the most recent round of zone designations that were announced on 8/19/2009. From the Hesperia Star: On April 1, the city will become a California Department of Housing and Community Development Enterprise Zone, qualifying businesses within the zone (which […]

How is This New Sacramento EZ Supposed to Work?

I have been trying to figure out the technical ramifications of creating a new zone in Sacramento which includes the Northern Sacramento Zone designated in 2006 and which does not increase the total number of zones beyond 42. I think there are three possibilities: 1. The new 2009 Sacramento zone is really an expansion of […]

New Zones Update #4

From the Hesperia Star: Doing business in Hesperia just became a lot cheaper. On Wednesday, August 19, the California Department of Housing and Community Development announced that Hesperia was one of five new enterprise zones, along with Pittsburg, Sacramento, Taft and Tulare. Businesses can generate millions of dollars of tax credits for operating in the […]

New Zones Update #3

From the North County Times: Escondido will not receive a special state designation that could have lured high-tech and science firms to the city with tax incentives, city officials said Thursday. The city was vying with more than two dozen other cities in California for four available slots in the state’s Enterprise Zone program, which […]

How 4 Became 5

A representative from HCD explained that, “We awarded five Enterprise Zones, instead of four, because the City of Sacramento has a current conditionally designated EZ that will be combined into their successful new application.” The problem with this explanation, is that on January 6, 2009 HCD awarded final designation to the new Northern Sacramento zone, […]

5 NEW ZONES: Hesperia, Tulare, Pittsburg, Sacramento and Taft

I’m still trying to work out why we are getting 5 new zones instead of 4. Here is the press release from HCD: California Department of Housing and Community Development Announces Five New Enterprise Zones to Boost California’s Economy Sacramento – Helping to grow jobs and improve California’s business climate, the California Department of Housing […]

Oxnard: “California’s economic future rests on our ability to retain business and promote entrepreneurship.”

HCD has ranked all 15 applications for the new Enterprise Zones and the results have been with the Governor’s office since sometime last month.  Presumably, they are waiting for the right moment to announce the four new zones. One of those applicants was the City of Oxnard in Ventura County. Bruce Stenslie, president and CEO […]

Anti EZ Revenge?

I don’t recall ever seeing the Enterprise Zone used as a political tool in this way before: Plans to reopen a long-closed liquor store in Gardena were greeted with hostility this week by city officials concerned about an oversaturation of alcohol retailers in town. Though no vote was taken because Mayor Paul Tanaka was absent, […]

Who Wants to Be a Zone in 2009? Update: Escondido

Here is another entry into the increasingly competitive 2009 Enterprise Zone application round.  From the San Diego Union-Tribune: Escondido will compete with a record number of cities for four open spots in a state “enterprise zone” program in an attempt to jump-start its ailing economy and make the city less dependent on sales taxes. City […]

Who Wants to Be a Zone in 2009? Update: Oxnard

According to the Ventura County Star the City of Oxnard has entered the competition for one of four available Enterprise Zone slots open in 2009: In Oxnard, the City Council has applied to become one of the state’s 42 enterprise zones. If its application is approved, any business located in the zone — which would […]

Zone Expirations

Wow, I got so busy that I missed the expiration of two Enterprise Zones.  On March 3 both the Los Angeles Harbor EZ and the Madera EZ expired.  Coming up on April 4 the Sacramento Florin Perkins EZ will also expire.All three of these jurisdictions are in the process of applying for new zone designations. […]

Tulare County Seeks A 2009 Zone

According to the Valley Voice: Tulare County and its cities are applying to the California Department of Housing & Community Development to be designated as an Enterprise Zone. An Enterprise Zone is a 15-year partnership between local governments, agencies and private companies to generate new private-sector investment and growth by providing state tax credits and […]

HCD Posts 2009 Zone Application Guidebook Revisions

New on the HCD website: 2008/2009 Application Guidebook Revisions.

Who Wants to Be a Zone in 2009? Update: Gardena

As I speculated earlier, the City of Gardena is planning on applying for one of the four open Enterprise Zone slots this year: The Gardena City Council has decided to spend $42,000 on an application seeking designation of the city as a state Enterprise Zone, which will allow officials to offer business tax incentives. The […]

Who Wants to Be a Zone 2009? Monrovia Update

As I wrote earlier, Monrovia is aggressively seeking one of the four available Enterprise Zone designations in 2009. Here is a detailed account of their activity so far from the San Gabriel Valley Tribune: MONROVIA – Worried about a possible exodus of businesses from the economically distressed southern section of the city, officials have begun […]

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