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Delano EZ Receives Final Designation

Congratulations to the City of Delano for receiving final designation on their new Enterprise Zone. The designation was received on October 14, 2009, retroactive to December 17, 2006. The City was also awarded a new TEA to the Delano Enterprise Zone. For more information, contact Angelica Castro, Economic Development Specialist, City of Delano, (661) 721-9985, […]

Breaking News: Arvin Enterprise Zone Receives Final Designation

It was back on November 3, 2006 that HCD announced the list of 23 Enterprise Zones to win designation in the first process of its kind since the program’s inception.   First on that list was the City of Arvin. Since there had never been a zone in Arvin, they did not benefit from the special […]

Merced County Receives Final Designation

Now that we have seen the results of the 2009 application round, it is time to announce a major development from the 2006 application round: the Merced County EZ has received its final designation. Congratulations. Time to get that website updated!

San Bernardino Receives Final EZ Designation

After talking about the new 2009 zone designation round, let’s go back to the 2006 round: San Bernardino has just secured their final designation.  Here is the press release issued by the City: SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (March 16, 2009) ­–The San Bernardino Valley Enterprise Zone (SBVEZ) announced this week that the California Department of Housing […]

Update From Arvin

Back in June I asked, “What ever happened to Arvin?“  While there had been some expressions of concern about ever seeing an Arvin Enterprise Zone, representatives from the City assured me that they were working diligently toward completion. Today I spoke with Mike Kunz who heads up the Enterprise Zone effort for Arvin’s Economic Development […]

Reader Response

While I do get a lot of email from blog readers, not too many post their responses on the blog for others to read. Jay Salyer, the Enterprise Zone manager of the Kings County EZ posted an important response to my post about the Merced County Board of Supervisors meeting: As Enterprise Zone Manager of […]

Merced County BOS Approves EIR – The Video

The Merced County Board of Supervisors met yesterday to consider the approval of the Environmental Impact Report required to obtain final Enterprise Zone designation. I have clipped the relevant discussion from the video (the original can be found here): Merced County BOS Meeting 9/2/2008 from Max Shenker on Vimeo. What is fascinating about the video […]

Merced County EZ Progress

In contrast to the progress being made in San Joaquin County, Merced County’s new zone does not have the benefit of SB 341. The need for an Environmental Impact Report has caused considerable delay and consternation for the new zones. Merced County is asking for supporters of the new EZ to make their support known: […]

What Ever Happened to Arvin?

It’s hard to believe, but is has been over 19 months since 23 new Enterprise Zones received conditional designations back in November 2006. All but four of the new zones were able to enjoy immediate implementation because of AB 1550. Santa Clarita, Fresno County, and Compton were all brand new to the EZ program and […]

Fresno to Announce Final Zone Designation Today

The City of Fresno issued a press release today stating that HCD will announce the final designation of the new Fresno City Enterprise Zone at an event in Fresno today. Long Beach received their final designation on April 9th bringing the total number of conditionally designated zones to receive final designation to 7 out of […]

Legislative Analysts Office Budget Recommendation: Cancel Enterprise Zones

The LAO’s recent, and somewhat unprecedented, budget recommendations have gotten an extraordinary amount of press. A search on Google News for “Elizabeth Hill Budget” reveals well over 400 news items. Within the recommendation is a broad attack on the Enterprise Zone program (George Skelton’s Los Angeles Times column on the subject refers to Enterprise Zones […]

Final Designation: Pasadena

Pasadena has become the fifth of the 23 Enterprise Zones conditionally designated in 2007 to receive its final designation.  They have also received approval for their new TEA, both the zone and the TEA have an effective date of 4/10/2007.

Oroville EZ Gets Final Designation

In a letter dated December 7, 2007, HCD has granted the new Oroville Enterprise Zone its final designation. The designation date is November 6, 2006 as the previous Oroville zone expired November 5.

Compton EZ Receives Final Designation

The City of Compton learned last week that their final Enterprise Zone designation has been approved effective August 1, 2007.  Make sure to take a look at their vastly improved website.

San Diego Institute for Policy Research: Positive on Enterprise Zones

Vince Vasquez, Senior Policy Analyst with the San Diego Institute for Policy Research has published a highly favorable Op-Ed about the San Diego Enterprise Zone in particular, and the Enterprise Zone program as a whole. The article appears on the San Diego Institute’s website here, and was also printed in the August 16, 2007 edition […]

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