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Cathy Creswell Leaving HCD

HCD sent out an email blast today from Cathy Creswell announcing that the Governor has asked her to leave her position with the Department as of February 14:

To HCD Stakeholders and Colleagues:

A new year brings the promise of new beginnings and renewal. Recently, the Department has undergone a number of changes and faced many challenges, and I have been proud to lead this great organization over the last year. However, I have been informed by the Administration that my service will be complete as of February 14th. It has been my greatest honor to work at HCD for the past 25 years and have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of low income Californians and communities. This Department has a noble history and tradition exemplifying the best in public service. I am grateful to have been able to lead an effort during the last year to build on our strengths and improve our effectiveness in serving the people of California. Despite great uncertainty, budget reductions, and an economy and housing market that exacerbate the problems we are trying to solve, the Department has made significant progress in meeting those challenges.

Working at HCD all of these years has also given me the opportunity to work with some of the most dedicated, compassionate, and talented professionals and advocates in the world. I am so grateful for your generosity in sharing your talents, expertise and passion and am a better person for having known all of you.

The Administration has indicated an interim appointment should be announced shortly. Randy Deems, Acting Chief Deputy will be responsible for helping to make a smooth transition and will be in charge should there be any gap between the time I leave and an interim appointment is made.

I remain committed to working for housing opportunities and justice for all Californians. As Professor Clare Cooper Marcus reminds us: “A good home can protect, heal and restore us. A good home expresses who we are now, and over time can help us become who we are meant to be.” Every Californian deserves that good home and I look forward to working with you to bring that goal to a reality.

Cathy Creswell

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