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“Change is on the Horizon” HCD at the CAEZ Conference

The annual CAEZ Conference will be held next week in Santa Clarita, and the final program has been posted. I will moderating a session on Wednesday at 4:00 with HCD representatives John Nunn, Colin Parent and Department Director Linn Warren.

The Department is still on track to produce new regulations for the vouchering process, but a draft of the language will not be published before the conference. Therefore, we will have a brief update on the content and estimated schedule of the regulation process, but HCD will not be able to provide more detail than they have in the past.

However, the Department is planning to release a new Management Memo ahead of the Conference detailing the new process for updating TEAs in light of the changes instituted by the Census Bureau in 2010. Our Conference session will be an opportunity to go through this process in detail to make sure everyone is on the same page with the technical requirements for establishing new TEAs.

There will be ample opportunity for questions, so come prepared.

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