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Colusa County EZ in 2009?

I am sure we will hear more from HCD later this week at the CAEZ Conference about when they intend to start the application process for the four zones set to expire next year (their website still states that they expect the application to be released Sept. 30).

In the mean time, sometimes there are clues about new areas that might get in on the competition. In an article in the Colusa County Sun-Herald about local elections, “Colusa candidates jostle for votes,” is the following nugget:

Speaking not necessarily to a voting audience, but as an encouragement for people to get out and vote, Williams city councilman Don Baker, up for reelection, put his best foot forward, as did Princeton school board candidate Jesus Campos.

Baker took office four years ago, and helped to develop a workable three-year budget, funding a swimming pool upgrade, new police K-9 unit, a new police station and street repairs.

Barker said he is also working with other local agencies to get an Enterprise Zone approved and complete specific plans for downtown and commercial development.

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