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The Los Angeles Times reports on a rather upbeat and optimistic story coming out of Long Beach:

Plans for a massive indoor movie studio are underway in Long Beach, where the buyers of a former aerospace plant say they will build a $500-million soundstage facility that would rival the largest established Hollywood studios in scope.

A group of investors led by character actor Jack O’Halloran has already secured financing to convert a closed former Boeing site next to the Long Beach Airport into an elaborate self-contained production facility with 40 soundstages, a water tank stage, offices, commissary, bungalows, a private hotel and an indoor set of a New York street.

The group is already in escrow to buy the facility, a 1.1-million-square-foot behemoth created in the 1950s to build jetliners.

The proposal has won the enthusiastic approval of Long Beach officials, who had fretted that in the troubled economy they would be unable to put anything other than a parking lot on the site.

And, of course, the Enterprise Zone has a role to play:

Producers could keep actors working and living in a contained, paparazzi-free environment for the duration of a shoot and speed the process. The property is also in a state enterprise zone, which could reduce state tax obligations for the studio and production companies.

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