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Compton Business 2 Business Breakfast

An important rule of public speaking is to know whether one is going to be the Keynote Speaker before the actual event.

I had a wonderful time this morning at the “City of Compton Business 2 Business Breakfast Roundtable,” the brainchild of City Councilman Isadore Hall, III.

But this is the advertisement I was provided with when asked to make a presentation, and this is the program I saw when I arrived.

I was, of course, very honored, but nevertheless a little unprepared for the honor. I must extend my personal gratitude to Councilman Hall for making me feel so welcome and at ease. As for my friend Joe Lim who was so nonchalant when I expressed surprise at the program, I’ll have to work on a way to get even later.

There is clearly a tremendous amount of enthusiasm in the community for their new Enterprise Zone and a lot of optimism for good things to come.

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