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Did the State of the Union Make Tax Reform Less Likely?

Politico’s “Morning Tax” has an interesting collection of links indicating that the consensus is that the President’s State of the Union address hurt the possibility of getting tax reform done:

SOTU DAY TWO FLY-AROUND: GLASS IS HALF EMPTY ON TAX REFORM. The day after Obama gave his State of the Union address, most tax wonks, reporters and newspaper editorials said the president’s speech — specifically his calls for tax hikes on the rich to make new cuts for the middle class — only crippled the prospects of tax reform. Read: 1.) MarketWatch: “The prospects for an overhaul of the tax code just got dimmer.” ( 2.) “The tax reform gap between Obama and the GOP is widening,” Howard Gleckman for TaxVox ( 3.) The Hill: “Obama’s decision to pitch tax changes for individuals in his [SOTU] address has only complicated the chances for tax reform.” ( 4.) “Obama Tax Agenda Widens Partisan Gulf as He Seeks Redistribution,” Bloomberg (

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