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Enterprise Zone Not Enough in West Sacramento

Apparently, the Enterprise Zone was not enough for this business:

When a company decides to leave town, community leaders sometimes try to downplay the impact. But Affymetrix Inc. has been too important to the area’s biotech industry for that.

The company confirmed Friday that it’s closing its 9-year-old factory in West Sacramento next spring and will transfer most of its functions to its plant in Singapore.

About 100 jobs will be affected, although some employees will likely find work elsewhere at Affymetrix, said spokesman Andrew Noble from the company’s headquarters in Santa Clara.

Area officials were candid about the significance of the loss. They called Affymetrix a major employer and pioneer in the region’s biotech business.

“Affymetrix was … one of the early companies in the life sciences area,” said J.D. Stack, chief executive of the Sacramento Area Regional Technology Alliance. “Kind of an iconic company in the Sacramento area. It really hurts to lose them.”

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