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Enterprise Zones Begin to Impose Arbitrary Voucher Application Deadlines

Last year AB 106 was passed to allow taxpayers to continue to apply for Enterprise Zone vouchers through 2014. Unfortunately, the bill says that zones “may continue to accept applications for the certification and to issue the certifications up to but no later than January 1, 2015.” The requirement that zones must also issue the voucher by the end of the year creates a dynamic that will result in uncertainty for taxpayers.

The City of San Francisco has already published on their website that they will only be accepting voucher applications through June 30, 2014 – a full six months before the statute requires.


San Jose has also notified Enterprise Zone businesses that the last day they will accept voucher applications will be June 30, 2014.

Here is a table of stated application deadlines that will be updated as more information becomes available:

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