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Enterprise Zones Factor into Local Elections

The candidates in the political race in Salinas mention the positive affect the Enterprise Zone program can bring to the city and to the state.

In an article by Griselda D. Ramirez, the Soledad Council candidates call for a more prosperous and thriving city. All candidates call for more jobs and community growth, but one in particular calls attention to the Enterprise Zone specifically. Alejandro Chavez, encourages the city to take advantage of the Tax Credit program offered through the Enterprise Zone.

In an editorial examining the mayoral candidate for Salinas, the article notes positive attributes for both challengers Bill Freeman and Margaret Sema Bonetti. However, in the end, the best candidate for the job, per the article, is current Mayor Dennis Donohue. The article lists all the positive contributions Donohue has made to Salinas, including efforts to create the Salinas Valley Enterprise Zone. Donohue hopes this effort with create and sustain jobs in the city of Salinas.

In another editorial regarding the race for a Senate seat for Salinas, the article states that Assemblywoman Anna Caballero is a better choice over opponent Ceres Mayor Anthony Cannella. Caballero, former mayor of Salinas, supports many efforts in boosting the state economy. Per the article “She wants to see the state encourage manufacturing jobs, either through tax credits or expanding enterprise zones…”

In Cathedral City as well, the Enterprise Zone is a focus for local politicians. In her State of the City address Tuesday, October 19th, Mayor Kathy DeRosa discusses the future of the Cathedral City. In the article by Colin Atagi, “Cathedral City’s top leader says her community is moving toward a bright future.” One of the projects discussed was the creation of Cathedral City’s enterprise zone. She states that she is hopeful the application will be approved for the 17,000 acres the enterprise zone would cover. The new enterprise zone will benefit the new 259 businesses that have opened in the city within the year.

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