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Enterprise Zones Noted at Gov Event

Governor Schwarzenegger has been talking about his jobs package and especially his proposal to offer tax credits for “green tech” manufacturing equipment. Yesterday, the Governor held an event at battery manufacturer Quallion to again tout the proposal. The Governor’s website has a transcript of all the speeches, and here is the video of the entire event:

One of the presenters specifically promoted the Enterprise Zone program. Bill Allen, President of the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation. Here is the video of his remarks:

And I want to thank the Governor in particular for his leadership, unveiling his package of proposals to create more jobs and foster a more business friendly environment for our state. First and foremost, California needs jobs and the Governor well understands it is businesses that create those jobs. In today’s globally competitive economy where businesses can locate anywhere, California must be as welcoming as possible to businesses. The Governor’s package of proposals recognizes that we must establish and promote a business-friendly environment to attract, retain and grow businesses and the jobs and the tax revenue that they bring.

Specifically, this requires that we must not only strengthen our commitment to existing incentive programs in this state, such as our Enterprise Zone Program, which has brought so many jobs throughout the state, particularly to our underserved communities in recent years. But we must build on those incentives to create new tools, such as the Governor’s proposal to eliminate sales taxes on green tech manufacturing equipment as a way to encourage our businesses to locate here, stay here and grow here in California.

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