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There is a new feature on EZ Policy Blog: On the right margin, below the list of helpful links, there is a new list of links to current bills that deal directly with the Enterprise Zone. Just click to be taken directly to the legislative information page of the bill where you can see the bills’ status, history, language and analyses.

Here are brief summaries of what each bill is about:

AB 1139 – John A. Perez
Makes significant changes to the Enterprise Zone credits.

AB 1657 – De La Torre
Requires HCD, upon application by the Downey City Council, to designate one enterprise zone within the geographic area of the City of Downey.

AB 2044 – Caballero
States the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation to require the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency to evaluate and rank enterprise zones. States the intent of the Legislature that any cost savings that may subsequently result from any legislative action taken based on that evaluation and ranking be used to fund approved infrastructure projects not being funded by existing bonds.

AB 2285 – Berryhill
Makes non-substantive changes to the Enterprise Zone Act provisions regarding the legislative declaration that it is in the economic interest of the state to have one strong, combined and business-friendly incentive program to help attract business and industry to the state.

AB 2428 – Buchanan
Provides for the designation and oversight by the Department of Housing and Community Development of enterprise zones pursuant to which qualifying entities in those areas may receive various tax and regulatory incentives. Expands expand the definition of enterprise zone to include green technology zones.

AB 2476 – V. Manuel Perez
Modifies the definition of a targeted employment area under the Enterprise Zone Act. This is likely to become the central legislative vehicle for Enterprise Zone changes this year.

AB 2634 – Logue
Makes technical, non-substantive changes to the Enterprise Zone Act which provides for the designation of enterprise zones by HCD and which provides that specified entities within a designated enterprise zone may receive regulatory, tax, and other incentives for private investment and employment.

AB 2712 – Knight
Makes technical, non-substantive changes to the Enterprise Zone Act that authorizes the designation of certain depressed areas in this state as enterprise zones for purposes of providing specific economic incentives within those areas.

SB 939 – Aanestad
Authorizes the sale of a tax credit by a taxpayer during a taxable year to a qualified employee employed in the City of Oroville enterprise zone, to an unrelated party.

SB 1454 – DeSaulnier
Makes a technical, non-substantive change to Enterprise Zone provisions that prohibit the Department of housing and Community Development from designating more that 42 enterprise zones at any one time.

SBx8 52 – Correa
Authorizes HCD to designate one special enterprise zone within the City of Fremont consisting of a geographical area encompassing a facility that manufactures automobiles. Designates an additional 10 special enterprise zones limited to one nonrenewable 15-year term. Excludes such zones from the calculation of the overall number of enterprise zones authorized.

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