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Federal Recovery in Hollywood (?)

Read this fascinating article in the LA Weekly about where $23 million in federal stimulus dollars have gone in Hollywood. Here’s the conclusion:

In Hollywood, where $23 million won’t get you 21 jobs, stimulus disbursements have included such wild cards as $16,822 for the visual-effects school Gnomon Inc., and $237,238 for the Musicians Institute. Yet Musicians Institute general manager Tak Sakimoto is unaware of the school’s having received any stimulus funding at all, and speculates that the money may be part of a student-loan program.

In the words of the photographer Garcia, the money going to Hollywood may mean that the “personal finances” of the beneficiaries do not get squeezed too badly. But is it creating any growth?

Despite billions poured in by the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency, and Hollywood’s new reputation for late-night clubbing, Hollywood is still a tattered business district filled with barricaded empty storefronts.

It might have been a good candidate for job-intensive stimulus funding, with its struggling Business Improvement Districts, enterprise zones, special hiring areas, and woeful streets and water infrastructure. That was not to be.

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