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Field Poll: State in Bad Economic Times

The Field Poll released Jan. 1 finds that the majority of Californians feel that the State is in economic trouble:

California is in bad economic times and it is expected to stay that way for the next twelve months, so say a majority of the state’s voters. More than one-half (52%) describe the state as being in bad economic times, while just one in five (20%) feel the state is in good economic times. In addition, when asked about next year, 70% expect things to either stay the same or get worse. However, Californians have a more mixed view of their personal financial situation. In appraising their own finances, a slightly larger proportion (37%) say they are better off, while 33% believe they are worse off than they were a year ago. Another 30% say there has been no change in how they stand financially over the past year.

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