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Fresno County Receives Final EZ Designation

From the HCD press release:

SACRAMENTO— California’s Department of Housing and Community Development announced today that the Fresno County Regional Enterprise Zone is the first enterprise zone among the 23 newly-awarded enterprise zones to receive final designation to complete the necessary steps to move from conditional to final designation. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced the conditional designations for the 23 Enterprise Zones last November.

“With today’s designation, the Fresno County Regional Enterprise Zone offers the businesses located within its newly established enterprise zone the multiple opportunities and benefits of the program,” said Housing and Community Development Director Lynn L. Jacobs. “They join the other 41 zones that together with the state work to promote job opportunities and business investments in California.”

Out of the 23 new conditional designations granted last November, Fresno County in one of four zones that does not overlap any part of a previous zone. Therefore AB 1550′s gap language was not applicable and no benefits have been able to begin until this final designation.

Here is the story from the Fresno Bee, and there is also a new website:

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