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FTB Promotes New Zones

In its March 2008 “Tax News,” FTB is extolling the virtues of Enterprise Zones in an article called “Possible boost to California’s economy“:

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently announced the conditional designation for eight Enterprise Zones statewide. The zones are East Los Angeles, Kings County, Oakland, Salinas Valley, San Joaquin County, Santa Ana, Siskiyou County, and West Sacramento.

The new designations will take the place of the eight zones set out in statute that are expiring over the next several months. Each zone designation is in effect for 15 years.

In his announcement, the Governor noted, “Enterprise Zones play a key role in revitalizing economically challenged parts of our state. By helping businesses create well-paying jobs, we empower communities to climb the economic ladder and build the state’s overall economy.”

In 2006, a report commissioned by the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) evaluated the success of Enterprise Zones in spurring economic recovery. The report showed that, on average, within Enterprise Zones between 1990-2000:

* Poverty rates declined 7.35 percent more than the rest of the state.
* Unemployment rates declined 1.2 percent more than the rest of the state.
* Household incomes increased 7.1 percent more than the rest of the state.
* Wage and salary income increased 3.5 percent more than the rest of the state.

In the next step in the designation process, the HCD will issue a conditional designation letter to each of the new zones, outlining conditions that must be met before final designation can be granted. Examples of conditions include a signed memorandum of understanding with HCD, which includes performance measures and benchmarks.

The text of the article quotes the governor as stating rather clearly that Enterprise Zones “play a key role” in boosting the economy, yet the FTB’s title uses the word “possible” in describing the economic benefit.  Interesting.

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