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Go-Biz Promotion of Governor’s Enterprise Zone Proposal

The Governor’s office of Business and Economic Development (Go-Biz) is trying to promote the Governor’s plan for eliminating the Enterprise Zones introduced in his May Revise of the budget. In the following video, Deputy Director for Business Investment Services Leslie McBride entusiastically tells us that the Governor’s proposal, “Preserves core aspects of the Enterprise Zone program.”

Go-Biz also published this PDF comparison of the existing program vs. the proposed program.

It is critical to remember that the Governor’s proposal has not yet appeared in bill form, and so all the public has been informed of so far are high-level bullet points. Representatives from the Administration have offered vague and confusing answers regarding key provisions of the program in legislative committee hearings.

If they are trying so hard to “preserve core aspects of the Enterprise Zone program,” then why do they have to throw out the whole program and offer an entirely new one?

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