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Good San Bernardino Sun Editorial

The following is an excerpt from an Op-Ed in the San Bernardino Sun by Emil Marzullo, who is the interim executive director of the Economic Development Agency of San Bernardino. He provides a very specific example of a large company making the decision to expand into California based on the Enterprise Zone:

The only way to correct California’s budget issues is to revitalize the economy and put people back to work. Due to California’s dreadful business climate the only tools we have to attract businesses is through the use of redevelopment funds and incentives offered by the Enterprise Zone Program. It is the combination of these incentives that influenced Kohl’s to choose San Bernardino as the location for its “west of the Rockies” e-commerce center.

This single project has resulted in the creation of several hundred jobs for local residents and will contribute tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue to the city of San Bernardino each year. These tax dollars will be used to support vital city services, which are being threatened with further cuts if the economy does not improve.

Now is not the time to abolish programs that lead to job creation and economic recovery of blighted areas. Many of the governor’s proposed budget actions are contradictory to the state’s goal of bettering the economy, and if we allow this budget to pass as it is currently drafted, California will be set further back.

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