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Gov Releases Budget Early

The Governor has released his 2009-2010 budget ahead of the anticipated 1/10/09 deadline. Here is the 84 page PDF. Here is the video of Finance Director Mike Genest’s press conference today.

On page 58 there is a list of the Governor’s “Major Revenue Proposals:”

  • Temporary 1.5?cent increase in the Sales and Use Tax rate.
  • Broaden the Sales and Use Tax base to include certain services.
  • Increase the Beverage excise tax by a per gallon surtax equivalent to a “nickel?per?drink.”
  • Adopt a 9.9?percent Oil Severance Tax.
  • Reduce the personal income tax dependent exemption credit to equal the personal exemption credit.
  • Increase the vehicle registration fees.
  • Shift Tribal Revenues from Transportation to General Fund.
  • Transfer and borrow balances from special funds.

Here is a handy “doomsday” ticker you can find on the Governor’s website:

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