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Governor Brown Signs AB 93 and SB 90

Governor Brown has signed legislation eliminating the California Enterprise Zone program.

Here is the Governor’s press release on the signing event.

The following are a sample of some of the coverage of the event:

San Diego public radio KBPS, including the audio of the radio story.

The Sacramento Bee.

The Los Angeles Times.


The San Diego Union Tribune (also includes video).

The Palm Desert Patch, in which Riverside County Supervisor John Benoit expressed his opposition to the elimination of California’s Enterprise Zone program, and said:

…that over the past three years, the Coachella Valley Enterprise Zone Authority issued 6,549 hiring credit vouchers, with local businesses reporting 2,247 of those as new jobs. Preliminary analysis of current voucher data indicates that less than 1 percent of the current vouchers would qualify under the new parameters, according to his office.

The Sacramento television news station KCRA led their story with a mischaracterization which was typical of the news coverage which helped create the legislative pressure necessary to pass the supermajority bills (the link includes video of the news story):

With the stroke of a pen, Governor Brown today eliminated the hugely controversial enterprise zone program that allowed strip clubs to get a $37,000 tax break for every server and waitress hired by the club.

There are almost too many inaccuracies in that one sentence to count.

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