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HCD Offers Helpful Clarification

In an email blast dated January 4 HCD made the following very helpful clarification:

Infill and new development often result in new street names, numbers and address range expansions. The local enterprise zone management is usually first made aware of these changes when new businesses inquire about zone benefits or when enterprise zone businesses apply for vouchers for new employees. This leads to the discovery that although the business or TEA address is clearly located within the zone boundaries as shown on the map and census tract listing, it does not appear on the street range listing. There has been some concern that since the HCD website listing is the “official” one, zones may not process vouchers for addresses which do not appear on the website’ street range listing.

This is not true. Businesses are eligible for enterprise zone tax credits if they are located within the legal boundaries of the enterprise zone. An address which is located within the TEA should be considered a TEA address if it can be shown that it is within an approved TEA census tract and within the jurisdictions of the governing bodies of the enterprise zone.

Although it is mandatory that the Department be notified of the street range correction or update, the Vouchering Agent need not wait until the department’s website is updated with the proper street ranges to issue vouchers. We have updated some of the language on our website, under the “Maps and Street Ranges” section, to reflect and clarify this position. When an error or omission of an address is found in the street ranges, zone staff should revise the street ranges and submit the
update to HCD immediately for posting on our website. This is important as it is this official listing which is used by tax authorities.

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