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HCD Update From Santa Clarita

I was just in Santa Clarita for an Enterprise Zone workshop featuring presentations by Jason Crawford of the City, Frank Luera of HCD and Marcia Richards of FTB. It was very well organized and had a nice turnout. Lots of PowerPoint.

It is very clear that there is a great deal of enthusiasm in the City for the new zone designation which they hope to have in place by July 1. Jason Crawford reported that the City Council had approved their EIR the night before and that it was being submitted to HCD today. Frank didn’t offer his opinion about the July 1 designation date.

Frank did provide the following general updates:

  1. The new voucher form is going to be delayed past the anticipated July 1 date. There has been some interest at the Legislature to have some questions added to the form in order to collect data for future study.
  2. Procedures for designating new TEAs are expected to be available within the next two weeks.
  3. The new Enterprise Zone application for the eight spots becoming available in 2008 is expected to be available early next week.

Of course, I’ll have these updates available here as soon as they are released.

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