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HCD Update

At yesterday’s meeting, the CAEZ Board received an update from HCD’s John Nunn. The first piece of good news is that HCD has added one new staff member to work with the Enterprise Zones, they are still looking at candidates to fill two more positions.

Mr. Nunn reported that they are receiving a fair number of applications from zone for expansions, and that some of these applications are pushing the envelope of acceptability. He said that we should expect to see a management memo detailing the guidelines for expansions. He also said that there are another four management memos on a variety of policy issues in the works to be released in the near future.

There are two zones that will be expiring over the next year. HCD is placing a significant focus on releasing a new application to streamline the next round of new zone applications. Based on feedback they have received, Mr. Nunn anticipates that with only two slots open, there will be intense competition. The new application is scheduled to be released on Feb. 15 and they will be due on Aug. 15 with new zone announcements some time in October or November 2010. HCD anticipates that there will be a series of workshops about the application at locations around the State.

Vouchering workshops in the the works as well as “new zone orientations” for the four new zones that will be receiving designation shortly. In fact, Mr. Nunn explained that Hesperia is very close to receiving its final designation and the others will follow close behind.

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