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HCD Updates

At yesterday’s CAEZ Board meeting we were once again treated to an update from Frank Luera at HCD.

  • Of the 31 zones designated in 2006-2008, 16 remain only conditionally designated.
  • The deadline for applications in the 2009 round is March 27.  There are four slots available and HCD expects the round to be “highly competitive;” they have received close to 30 serious inquiries.
  • There will be a 2010 application round with two open slots.
  • A process has been initiated to amend the vouchering regulations.  The primary issue is to replace the I-9 form as acceptable documentation for TEA with the W-4 form.  There is also a process underway to develop regulations for the establishment of TEAs and for the expansion of zones.
  • There have been some staff changes at HCD, and due to a general hiring freeze, open positions remain unfilled.

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