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How Work Source Centers Can Improve the Enterprise Zone

Bruce Dobb writes a blog called “Government money for Small Biz,” where he has taken an interest in the Enterprise Zone program. In his latest post he examines how small businesses can take advantage of the EZ credits by partnering with Work Source centers. Dobb makes a good point that we could be doing more to ensure the health of our businesses by encouraging and facilitating this kind of partnership.

Smaller companies can avoid the time and brain damage of qualifying new hires if they connect with our LA Based Workforce Center. Here at the Southeast LA-Watts Work-Source Center (SELAWATTS) we pre-screen applicants and insure that if we send them to an employer for a job opening they WILL qualify for both the State and Federal tax credit hiring programs.

The state law clearly reads that an applicant is eligible for the hiring tax credit program if he receives assistance from a state funded workforce center. On the federal side, the requirements are more detailed and an applicant must fit into one of thirteen categories to qualify – something we can easily do because of our access to various data basis for public assistance and government information. It also means we get to ask the embarrassing personal questions so you don’t have to.

Besides the tax credits, our center can provide you with On-the-Job (OJT) training dollars (typically at about $ 1,500 to $2,000 per hire) as well as free job advertising and posting services. We can even be sure your new hire has a bus pass, child care or appropriate work clothing the day he or she starts work.

Just in case you have already chosen a hire but want to make sure he or she qualifies for tax credits; you can still have us pre-qualify you candidate provided you send him to us for a 45 minute screening before their start date.

I’ve been working as a special consultant to SELAWATTS this fall to provide a linkage to the various business incentive programs created to spur private sector hiring. The odd part about incentive programs is that somehow they don’t connect with job applicants. My assignment here is to make sure that happens and we’ve had remarkable luck in the area of hiring credits.

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