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Iconic Company Sneaks out of California

The “Business Relocation Coach” details a fascinating story of how an iconic California employer packed up and left without anyone knowing:

Ridiculous but true – California has a surplus of politicians who are contemptuous towards business and refuse to admit that the state’s policies are causing companies to move to other states and foreign countries. Some policy makers grudgingly admit that companies leave the state, but assert that the numbers are “exaggerated.” However, for every out-of-state move found in newspaper stories, press releases, and SEC disclosures, dozens “go quietly in the night” because doing so makes the relocation less nerve-wracking to company officials who already feel beleaguered.

This posting will help illustrate how company departures are under-reported by focusing on one legendary California company that vanished – Thomas Brothers Maps – without a single media report appearing about the event nearly a year after it occurred. Hence, consider this the first public notice that Thomas Brothers Maps is no longer a part of California’s landscape.

Read the whole thing.

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