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IRS Authorizes Retroactive WOTC Transition Relief

In March of 2013, because of Congress’ retroactive authorization of the WOTC program, the IRS allowed a brief period of “transition relief” to allow taxpayers to file WOTC applications for employees hired in 2012 retroactively. Normally, the WOTC program requires that applications be submitted within 28-days of an employee’s start date.

There has been speculation that since Congress once again authorized WOTC for the year that has passed, IRS would provide a similar transition relief in 2015 for employees hired in 2014. Today, we received IRS Notice 2015-13 which does just that.

The Notice says, in part:

Because the Act extended the WOTC retroactively for 2014 for members of targeted groups, employers need additional time to comply with the requirements of § 51(d)(13)(A). Accordingly, a taxable employer that hired a member of a targeted group (as defined in §§ 51(d)(2) through (10)), or a qualified tax-exempt organization that hired a qualified veteran described in § 51(d)(3), on or after January 1, 2014, and before January 1, 2015, will be considered to have satisfied the requirements of § 51(d)(13)(A)(ii) if it submits the completed Form 8850 to the appropriate DLA to request certification not later than April 30, 2015.

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