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JEDE Hearing Tomorrow

Here is the draft agenda for tomorrow’s hearing in the Assembly JEDE Committee.

Craig Johnson, President of CAEZ, and who will be one of the presenters in the hearing, sent this communication to membership:

Tomorrow, August 18, at 8;30 a.m., an interim hearing will be conducted in the State Capitol by the Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy (JEDE). The JEDE Committee is initiating a comprehensive examination of the Enterprise Zone Program and other state programs related to Economic Development Program Areas. This hearing will be a joint hearing of the JEDE Committee and the Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation and I will be testifying on behalf of CAEZ and providing an overview of the Enterprise Zone Program from a CAEZ perspective. Several of our partner organizations, zone businesses and other supporters of the program will also be testifying.

The Committee plans to hold three public hearings between now and October, inviting speakers who favor the program, as well as those who have traditionally opposed the program. These hearings are an outgrowth of the AB 1139 hearing last April, when CAEZ and a coalition of EZ supporters and “poverty pimps”, succeeded in dealing Assemblyman John Perez and organized labor a serious setback in their quest to dismantle the program.

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