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Labor Lists Enterprise Zone as Top Legislative Priority

The Sacramento Bee profiles the Angie Wei, California Labor Federation’s legislative director as one of the top politicos to watch in 2013. The conclusion of that article lists what they are considering their top legislative priorities for the coming year:

That agenda includes reviving efforts to raise the state’s minimum wage, which has been at $8 since 2008, and targeting certain corporate tax breaks for repeal. One program at the top of the Labor Federation’s list of targets is the state’s enterprize zones.

Another profile of Assembly Speaker John Pérez, however, hints at the challenges democrats face as a result of their supermajority not to be viewed as job killers:

Pérez said he has no plans to seek a tax increase, but Republican critics say his resolve may crumble as pressures mount within his Democratic Party in the coming year.

Numerous revenue-related ideas have been floated by other lawmakers, including altering commercial tax obligations under Proposition 13, lowering the sales tax rate but extending it to services, reclassifying various fees as taxes to provide spending flexibility and asking voters to lower the threshold for passing local taxes or bonds.

Pérez’s challenge will be to balance tensions not only between business and labor, but between liberal and moderate Democrats, and between interest groups jockeying for funding after years of red ink.

“Every idea that people have will be vetted, whether it comes from a Democrat or a Republican,” he said simply.

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