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Latest Budget ‘Progress’

Here’s the latest on the budget “progress” from Sacramento Bee‘s Capitol Alert:

Tempers flared during today’s Assembly floor session, as Republicans demanded the Democratic budget plan be put up for a vote, while majority Democrats accused Republicans of lacking a plan altogether.

Throughout the morning session, minority Republicans repeatedly pressed Democrats to take up the budget, to no avail.

“The public wants to see action on the budget,” insisted Assemblyman Rick Keene, R-Chico. “We want to debate it on this floor.”

Assembly Speaker Karen Bass said it was the first time in her four years in the lower house that she saw Republicans demanding a budget vote.

Maybe that means there were at least six GOPers “ready to vote for the budget,” she snidely snapped at he colleageues across the aisle.

Assembly GOP leader Mike Villines raised his microphone to challenge Democrats to “have the will” to debate their budget.

“We are at impasse,” he said.

Often, public proclamations at budget time bear little resemblance to the behind-the-scenes machinations of negotiations. But Villines said progress wasn’t to be had, publicly or privately.

Of the Big 5 talks, Villines said, “Nothing is coming of it. Nothing.”

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