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Legislators Amend Bill to Correct Uncertain Voucher Application Deadline

AB 2517 has been amended to correct a problem introduced last year in AB 106 in which vouchers need to be both submitted and issued before January 1, 2015. Instead of providing taxpayers with certainty that they would be able to receive all of the Enterprise Zone vouchers that they are eligible for, AB 106 set up a situation in which each zone must figure out when to stop accepting voucher applications ahead of the deadline in order to be able to process them. Some zones have already started setting deadlines as early as April 30, 2014.

AB 2517 proposes a simple fix to maintain the current application deadline of December 31, 2014, but to remove the requirement that zones also issue vouchers by that date, essentially giving the zones as much time as they need to process applications that arrive before the end of the year.

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