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A number of California Cities and Counties have recently passed resolutions in support of the Enterprise Zone program and in protest of the various legislative threats to the program’s efficacy.

On April 15, 2010 the City of Fresno passed a resolution stating:

Therefore, be it resolved that the Council of the City of Fresno believes that eliminating the most critical business assistance program in the State would be a huge setback to improving California’s business climate and its struggles to reach economic recovery and urges the state of California to support the Enterprise Zone Program.

At its April 12 meeting, the City of Clovis considered a similar resolution that also said:

Whereas, during the last two years of Enterprise Zone activity, the City of Clovis has come to recognize the Enterprise Zone as the most impactful state incentive to create new jobs, grow existing businesses, and compete with other states to attract outside investment to California.

The Council of Fresno County Governments passed a similar resolution on March 25th.

In late 2009 the City of Los Angeles passed a resolution specifically in opposition to AB 1139.

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